Akal Singh is a close-up magician and sleight of hand artist based in Oakland, CA. With eighteen years of study and performance, Akal aims to facilitate the experience of pure wonderment through minor miracles and intimate illusions with cards, coins, rings, flowers, and even his audience members' thoughts!

Having performed on three continents, Akal Singh knows firsthand that the appreciation and attraction to mystery and wonder are cross-cultural phenomena originating from the root of the human experience, rather than from some particular path or collective reality. In addition to its universality, Akal believes that the experience of deep wonder induces a pure, innocent state of being.

Parallel to his obsession with magic, Akal practices Capoeira, a Brazilian, dance-like martial art developed out of slave resistance to colonial rule. In the flow of Capoeira movements, Akal has harnessed trickery and cunning as a means to overcome brute force and to subvert rigid expectations. Akal has also practiced meditation under the guidance of various Sikh and Buddhist masters in India and elsewhere. Through this training, he has seen how the mind continuously erects, modifies, and fortifies reality one impression at a time.

Whether doing a kids' show in the back-country of Tennessee or street magic in Times Square, NYC; Akal Singh draws on these manifold experiences to lead his audiences to that universally accessible experience of wonderment.

Here's a write-up in Oakland Local about Akal Singh.